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Photorejuvenation by Jupiter Cosmetic


If you have sun damaged akin, acne vulgaris, pigmented or vascular lesions, it is likely that Jupiter Cosmetic's photorejuvenation will help you significantly. However, your Doctor or Nurse at Jupiter Cosmetic will confirm the best treatment for you after a thorough examination of your skin.
People with a range of skin types and hair colouring can be successfully treated with photorejuventation.
IPL was originally (and still is) used for permanent hair reduction. However, patients receiving treatment for hair removal began reporting a reduction in the lines and wrinkles in the treated areas. Researchers discovered that, over time, the heat generated during IPL treatment stimulates new collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. This new collagen production helps to smooth ne wrinkles and results in a clearer complexion.

Jupiter Cosmetic's IPL uses advanced technology that automatically determines the correct wavelength. The pulse of light passes through the surface of the skin (without damaging it) and is delivered precisely to the target, promoting a wound-healing process in which the skin rapidly produces new, undamaged skin cells.


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