Fat Dissolving Injections

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Fat Dissolving Injections

The “double chin” or submental fat is an area of concern for many, especially in the age of the contoured jawline. The use of fat dissolving injections to the submental fat can reduce the appearance of the double chin. The product is injected into the area, disrupting the membrane of the fat cell which causes fat cell destruction. The body then metabolises the waste removing this from the body.

Fat Dissolving Injections

Results are generally seen at the 4-week mark and best results may require a series of treatments. Our experienced staff will consult you on individualised recommendations for your aesthetic goal.
This treatment will generally take 30 to 45 minutes to complete with results visible at 4 weeks. A series of treatments is generally required.

Downtime for this treatment includes submental swelling to the area for up to 4 weeks and bruising may arise. After care includes;

• No excessive exercise for 24-48hours
• No makeup application for minimum 24 hours
• No active ingredients (eg. Vitamin C) for 24-48hours.

What are the risks?

Whilst uncommon, there are risks associated with medical treatments including fat dissolving injections. Common side effects may include;

• Bruising
• Redness
• Pain
• Swelling

Uncommon side effects include;

• Asymmetrical smile
• Allergic reaction
• In very rare cases difficulty swallowing and breathing.

Your injector will discuss these risks with you previous to your fat dissolving injections.

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