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Fat Freezing

Cryolipolysis or as it’s commonly called Fat freezing is a process in which an undesired pocket of fat is targeted to reduce the size of fat in the area. This technique causes a reduction of fat cells in the target area, therefore reducing the density of fat targeted. This treatment is designed to suit persons with unwanted fat deposits and is not suitable as a weight loss tool. For best results a healthy lifestyle is recommended with regular exercise. During your initial consultation, your cosmetic health professional will assess your aesthetic concerns and provide advice regarding fat freezing treatments and the expected outcomes.

Fat Freezing

Indications for fat freezing;

• Double chin
• Inner thigh
• Saddle bags or outer thigh
• Banana roll or under the buttocks
• Abdomen
• Love Handles
• Knees
• Upper Arms
• Bra Bulge/Back

What are the risks?

Cryolipolysis is a generally safe treatment however there are risks that are discussed in detail with your aesthetic health professional before your treatment.

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