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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to target a multitude of aesthetic skin concerns. At Jupiter Cosmetics we have a variety of superficial peels to suit your aesthetic needs from the Medik8 cosmeceutical range. The skin is prepared with a double cleanse, the peel applied to a carefully prepared skin and removed with cooling products to leave your skin feeling refreshed, tight and giving you a post peel glow. Over the next few days you may experience a gentle exfoliation. Optimal treatment recommendations include a series of peels, your therapist will discuss this with you on initial consultation.

Chemical Peels

Dependant on your aesthetic concern our attentive staff will create an individualised treatment plan which may involve several modalities of skin treatment to best address your desired outcome.

Treatment indications for Medik8’s cosmetic peel range include;

• Dull looking skin
• Congestion
• Pigmentation
• Uneven skin tones
• Rejuvenation

Downtime varies depending on the type of peel and the individual, after care consists of the following;

• No excessive exercise, saunas or heat for 24 – 48hours
• No makeup application for a minimum 24 hours or if there are any breaks in skin.
• No active ingredients (eg. Vitamin C) for 72 hours.
• SPF 50+ is a must post treatment

What are the risks?

Whilst uncommon, there are risks associated with cosmetic treatments including chemical peels. Common side effects may include;
• Redness

Uncommon side effects include;

• Chemical burns or allergic reactions.

Your therapist will discuss these risks with you previous to your treatment.

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